General information about on 2022"De Utrecht".

Genearl informaton

During this exhibitionthere will be an extensive shopping mall with something for everyone

.The team of "De Utrecht" is busy developing extra activities, about which we will keep you informed. We hope to welcome you and your dog(s) on 2022 at our outdoor venue at Noordplas in Nieuwegein / Houten.

We would like to ask everyone to treat the outdoor venue with respect and clean up and dispose of allwaste, including the dog's feces in the available trash cans. The moment you arrive you will also receive poobags for this. The showground is OPEN from 7:30 am and judging will start at 9:30 am.


  • Youngest puppy class 4-6 months
  • Puppy class 6-9 months
  • Youth class 9-18 months
  • Intermediate class 15-25 months
  • Open class of 15 months and older
  • Working dogs
  • Champion class
  • Veteran class from 8 years
  • Couple class (free)
  • Breeding group (free)


  • Youngest Puppy and Puppy €31,00
  • Other classes €53,00
  • Extra tickes adults €10,00
  • 65+ €7,50
  • Children 4 to 12 years €7,50
  • Children 12 years and older €10,00
  • Non-participating / visitor dog €7,50
  • Day ticket parking is €5,00
  • Digital catalog free
  • Paper catalog €5,00

Dog festival

All exhibitors of "de Utrecht" have free access to the dog festival area and can participate in various activities for free. 

We also have our well-known “Concours d'élégance enfants”for children.

Judge Mrs. F. van Wijngaarden

The entry is closed

Entry is open via Dogshowentry. If you participated atour show in 2018, you can use the same login.

Junior handling at "De Utrecht".

For the Junior Handling (10 to 17 years old) you can register on show days before 12:00. Due to the change in the Junior Handling rules, it is now not possible anymore for handlers under 10 year to participate the competition.
The new regulations can be found under this  link. Formore information about Junior Handling you can contact our kennelclub the “Raad van Beheer”.

Spend the night with campers and caravan

It is only permitted by the municipality to spend the night in a caravan or motorhome at the show location if requested inadvance!!
You must register by email before 01-06-2020. Your mail must contain the registration number of the caravan or motorhome and the number of people staying overnight. Be aware there are no facilities and no electricity!! No waste and drainage water may be discharged We advise you to use a campsite or hotel in the area.