Information about "De Utrecht".

Practical information

At the show, there will be a large shopping mall with abroad variety of products. The venue opens at 7.30 am for visitors, and the judging will start at 9.30 am.
Usually, there are more than 200 breeds present at our shows during the two show days. Below you can see when your breed is being judged. As from May 1st, you can find under the tab Statistics how many dogs have been entered, and the approximate time of judging.

Group 2 (Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs)
Group 3 (Terriers)
Group 5 (Spitz and primitive types)
Group 9 (Companion and Toy Dogs)

Group 1 (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs))
Group 4 (Dachshunds)
Group 6 (Scent hounds and related breeds)
Group 7 (Pointing Dogs)
Group 8 (Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs)
Group 10 (Sighthounds)

Activities at the Dog Festival
Between 11 am and 2 pm, there will be several workshops. You may participate in all these workshops with your dog. We als oorganise some activities for children. For more information, please have a look at Dog Festival.

In this year 2020, the outdoor show 2020 will be held at Down Under, Ravensewetering 1, Nieuwegein.


  • Adult tickes €10,00
  • 65+ €7,50
  • Children 4 to 12 years €7,50
  • Childeren 12 years and older €10,00
  • Visitor Dog €7,50
  • Day ticket parking is €5,00
  • Free access to show ground

Dog Festival

As visitor of “De Utrecht” you have free access to the Dog Festival grounds.

You can participate for free with the activities. For more info please look at the information under the tab Dog Festival.

For you kid we organise again our well-known Concours d’élegance enfants, with the judge mrs F. van Wijngaarden